Wonderluxe Travel

Jason Veal

Industry Background and Experience

Time in the industry: 32 years

Jason is our resident cruise expert, having been on a staggering 80 cruises and experiencing all corners of the globe by sea!

His all time favourites have been Alaska, The Galapagos Islands and cruising down the Amazon River, and the next trip on his bucket list is a cruise around Japan. Jason personally recommends choosing an aft facing balcony so that you can enjoy a panoramic view of the scenery, and it’s also a great way to spot the local wildlife!

A top tip from Jason: "You must try a transatlantic cruise; it’s a great way to unwind and take in all that the ship has to offer - plus you avoid the jetlag!"


Fun Fact About Jason:

“I am petrified of heights, but have still completed the Sydney Bridge Climb twice! Also, I have just booked a cruise to Hawaii for a very special birthday in 2020!”

Assistant Cruise Manager

Phone: 0121 508 5556