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Welcome to JTA REWARDS

Our new and exciting rewards programme, JTA Rewards in conjunction with MyBookingRewards.com.


What does this mean for you?

Any booking that qualifies for a Reward payment, can be loaded onto a pre-paid Mastercard, spend as you wish, or why not use this to pay for your own JTA holiday? Or you might choose to load your rewards onto an Amazon e-card, or even donate to charity.


Increased Rewards Earnings

If your JTA booking includes a key partner destination and hotel of My Booking Rewards, your booking could automatically qualify for double or even triple rewards, and even better, the system will automatically allocate these rewards for you. So, I think you’ll agree, you can definitely EARN BIG with JTA Rewards.


Register and begin logging your valid bookings straight away!


Click HERE to join!

 Claims will only be paid after departure date.