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Come and travel the world at Europe’s largest aquarium and marvel at the wonders of science at the Principe Felipe Science Museum. Come and travel the world at Europe’s largest aquarium and marvel at the wonders of science at the Principe Felipe Science Museum. Highlights- One of the largest dolphinariums in the world - Over 500 species - Discover the fascinating exhibits at a museum dedicated to science Science and the seas are brought to life at the ultra-futuristic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. The Principe Felipe Science Museum takes an interactive look at science, technology and the environment while l'Oceanogràfic delves deep into the wonders of the oceans. These two stunning attractions are packed with activities for the whole family. The Principe Felipe Science Museum features a series of fascinating exhibits dedicated to themes such as climate change and human DNA. There is also a children’s area that studies aspects about natural habitats, pollution and outer space. The section on ‘magical chemistry’ is well worth checking out while there is an entire level devoted to great scientists. Sports fans will love the section devoted to the city’s most successful football club, Valencia CF, and the Marvel superheroes exhibit attracts young and old in equal measure. At L'Oceanogràfic explore the world’s major seas and oceans, with each building dedicated to a different maritime environment. Marvel at the majesty of the Mediterranean. Wander through the wild Wetlands. Travel through the Temperate and Tropical Seas. Admire the awesome Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. Revel in the Red Sea and discover the delights of the Dolphinarium. There are more than 45,000 creatures from 500 species, including beluga whales, jellyfish, penguins, sea lions, seals, sharks, rays, starfish, walruses and many, many more. During the summer, there are special night-time shows from 8pm to midnight. Options available: 2 Attractions in 1 day - Visit the Principe Felipe Science Museum and L'Oceanogràfic on the same day 2 Attractions in 2 days - Day 1: Visit the Principe Felipe Science Museum - Day 2: Visit L'Oceanogràfic Schedule Principe Felipe Science Museum Low season (from October 10th to December 5th and from December 10th to December 23th): From 10am to 6pm (Monday to Thursday) From 10am to 7pm (Friday to Sunday) Mid-season (from January 2nd to January 7th, from March 29th to June 29th and from September 10th to October 14th): From 10am to 7pm High season (from June 30th to September 9th): From 10am to 9pm Oceanogràfic April, May, June, October and November: from 10 until 6pm or 8pm. July: from 10am until 8pm or 12am. August: from 10am until 12am. September: from 10am until 6pm, 8pm or 12am. December: from 10am or 12pm to 4pm, 6pm or 8pm. Languages Audioguide in English, German, Spanish and French Redeem informationVoucher type: PrintedPrinted Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity. LocationStart point: Museu de les CiènciesOceanogràficEnd point: Same as the starting pointRequirementsTicket valid for 2 consecutive days for a single entry to each venue.
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